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Why would you make animals suffer?

Using poisons and viruses does just that. Don’t kid yourself.

Saying that a portfolio of methods is required to manage feral pests is just an excuse to promote cruelty under the guise of a holistic approach probably supported by funds from chemical manufacturers.

Do you really want to randomly spread poisons and viruses on your property?

Do you want animals to suffer?

We provide lethal, instantaneous, and humane solutions with a variety of firearms suited to the property and pest being hunted.

Rifles are not just rifles. We use suitable firearms from power regulated air rifles to larger calibres, matched to the job at hand, with night vision, and ensuring the utmost safety from highly skilled operators.

All of our firearms are fitted with Noise Suppressors, known in Hollywood as “ Silencers”.

Don’t listen to the BS about shooting is bad and poisons are good.

Stop the cruelty.

Contact us for more information on how we can provide you with a comprehensive and sustainable feral pest program for your property.

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