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The number of animals killed by cats in Australia every day is a disaster for our ecosystems.

Lethal destruction of every cat found roaming free can no longer be reasonably disputed by those wishing to protect cats.

Conservative estimates are that 2 million animals are killed every day in Australia by cats.
Our ecosystems can not sustain this staggering loss.

No system of control proposed by cat supporters can justify a billion animals killed by cats every year.
At this rate, some species of native animals will soon be extinct.

Proposals, studies, and Parliamentary Committees have not had any effect on halting this tsunami of killing.

There is no appetite amongst most legislators to face reality or to be associated with any recommendations which include lethal destruction using guns.

The best interests of our great land are being trampled by ideology and lobby groups.

At Xterminator Feral Solutions we will help any land owner eliminate cats from their property.

Our solution is lethal and humane. The cats don't suffer, unlike the 2 million animals they torture and kill per day.

This page contains documents and links which provide independent insights to this ecological disaster we are facing.

Report of the inquiry into the problem of feral and domestic cats in Australia


The Awkward Truth

Go Ahead, See For Yourself, Download "Impact of Feral Cats in Australia"

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