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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you and your staff have a Code of Conduct with Pest Control or are you just having a good time doing Fox Control, Feral Cat Control, Deer Control, Rabbit Control, Kangaroo Culls, etc, have I missed any??
    All Xterminator Feral Solutions Operators abide by the following Code of Conduct. This Code is Priority 1 Safety - Safety is not just a buzzword. SAFETY is paramount at Xterminator Feral Solutions. It is our constant focus, not just for our clients, but for our Shooters. Identity – All Xterminator Feral Solutions operators carry Identification Badges. Know who is on your property. Customer Confidentiality – All Xterminator Feral Solutions operators conduct work for clients on a confidential basis. Whilst all work will be compliant with relevant legislation, some sectors of the wider community may not support these activities, hence the need for confidentiality. Customer Service – All Xterminator Feral Solutions operators will serve clients with integrity, competence and objectivity and treat them with respect and courtesy. We treat your property and stock with respect and leave your gates as we find them. Honest!! Awareness of Relevant Legislation – It is the responsibility of Xterminator Feral Solutions operators to be aware of and comply with all relevant legislation relating to hunting, animal welfare and the use of firearms. Safe Handling of Firearms – Where firearms are used, the rules for safe handling set out in the NSW Firearms Safety Awareness handbook, published by or under the authority of the Commissioner of Police, are always complied with. Target Identification and Safety – A target animal will not be fired on unless it can be clearly seen and identified with a safe back stop, and the shot poses no discernible risk of injury to any person or damage to any property. Obligation to Avoid Suffering – An animal being targeted must not be inflicted with unnecessary pain. The objective is to deliver a humane death to the animal. The animal must be shot within the reasonably accepted killing range of the firearm and ammunition being used and, the ammunition must be such as can be reasonably expected to humanely kill the targeted animal. Wounded Animals – If an animal is wounded, Xterminator Feral Solutions operators must take all reasonable steps to locate it so that it can be killed quickly and humanely. Lactating Females with Dependent Young – If a lactating female is killed, every reasonable effort must be made to locate and dispatch any dependent young.
  • Do you carry real Public Liability Insurance over and above that club type insurance?
    We carry $20 Million in Public Liability Insurance and have never had a claim. Our Certificate Of Currency is available for inspection.
  • Apart from Rabbit Control, Fox Control, Feral Cat Control, etc can you manage our Rats and Mice?
    Yes, we can manage your rats and mice with our Air Rifles, but don't wait until you have thousands of them running around
  • Tell me more to convince me to engage your services.
    We are Night Vision specialists with high tech equipment including Thermal Scopes, Infrared Vision, and Noise Suppressors (Silencers). We own the night! What this means for you: We do not use spotlights at night. We can see the animals, but they cannot see us. Better still, you are not disturbed by spotlights on your property. You do not hear the loud noise from rifles. We can clearly identify what is and what is NOT the target. No property is too small or too large. We tailor our equipment and calibres to the size of your property. We operate in compliance with all licensing requirements and abide by a strict code of conduct. Xterminator Feral Solutions is available to service the needs of rural landholders, farms and government entities requiring feral animal management services. We treat your property and stock with respect and leave your gates as we find them. We really do !! Your schedule is ours. We will service your property at the times suitable to you, AND WE ABIDE BY THAT SCHEDULE ! We DO NOT use or recommend the use of poisons for pest extermination. Once a poison is introduced into the environment we cannot control the risk of sickness or death of pets or non-pest species by accidental consumption.
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