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Some of Our Services


Risk Assessment

Every property we attend must first undergo a Risk Assessment before any operations commence. The extent of the Assessment is determined by each property. If you would like to read our compressive Plan, get in touch with us.

Feral Surveillance


If you are not sure where the feral animals are coming from or uncertain about what location on your property they frequent the most, why pay someone to wander around and hope they will provide some answers?

We can install both still and Closed Circuit TV Cameras at various locations on your property.

These cameras can be either back to base devices or cameras from which we can harvest photos.

Once we have these photos we can discover behaviour patterns.

What does that mean for you?

We know where to locate the ferals in a time saving manner. No guessing. We get in there and get the job done.

Feral Destruction

We either live trap feral animals or destroy them with lethal and accurate firearms.

Each job can have a specific firearm and cartridge to get the job done and in an effective, humane manner.

We have made a significant investment in acquiring the right tools for each job.

No two jobs are the same.

Having the right equipment will achieve the right results.


Non Native Birds are

a vector for disease

as well threat to our biosecurity and agriculture.

Does your Vineyard, Orchard or place of business have a problem with birds?

We use Air Rifles which will not damage your infrastructure .

We equip these special rifles with Silencers and Night Vision. 

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